Harappa "Great Granary"

Indus Valley civilization, this large building, called the "Great Granary", located in Harappa, a Bronze Age fortified city, in west Punjab south of Lahore, emerged circa 2600–1800 B.C.E. along the Indus River valley. Archaeologists have not determined the original use of this massive fired brick structure, but there is speculation that it was a grain storage facility, with underfloor ventillation flues, and well ventilated hall where surplus grain was kept cool and dry.

Elevation is c. 167 meters (550 feet) above sea level.

Materials: mud brick and baked brick walls; wood columns and roof structure; mud/clay roof.

Data for this CG model from:
1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/indus_valley/food_and_farming/
2. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/197032552428764009/?lp=true

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