Kwastiyukwa ("Giant Footprint Ruin")

Above: Panorama of Kwastiyukwa site, photo by www.otherhand.org.

Towa Culture, Ancestral Village of Jemez Pueblo, occupied from 1275 C.E. to 1680 C.E. The Pueblo ruinsis llocated on a promontory of the Jemez Mountains 600 feet above the river valley. .Although this village was occupied well into Spanish colonial period, it remained unknown to the Spanish and its location a secret. It has been called the largest pueblo ruin in the Southwest. The village was from 5 to 7 storeys in height, with perhaps 3000 rooms--almost 1/3 of a mile long.

Elevation is 2317 meters (7603 feet) above sea level

Materials: stone walls, wood log roof structure, with mud/clay roof.

Data for CG model:
1.Published surveys on the Internet. http://www.otherhand.org/home-page/archaeology/ kwastiyukwa-ruins/
2.Scaled survey of Kwastiyukwa by (then) Jemez Pueblo archaeologist, William Whatley, personal transmission.
3. Elliot, Michael, Jemez Mountain Research Center, 1986; OVERVIEW AND SYNTHESIS OF THE ARCHEOLOGY OF THE J m E Z PROVINCE, NEW MEXICO, Museum of New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies, Archeology Notes 51, Santa Fe.

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