Los Diquis

Pre-columbian Bribri and Cabecares indigenous houses (palenque?)constructed c. 1150 C.E. Located in FInca 6, Delta of the Diquís River (originally called Térraba River), Costa Rica. One house entrance is oriented northwest (toward the direction of a plaza of stone spheres), the other to southeast. Stone spheres of 1.10 meter diameter were found near the corners of the trapezoidal access ramps. The houses, and crescent shaped porticos sit upon platforms of river rock 1.5 meters high. The ramp has a limestone floor. Interior columns are in an octagon formation rather than circular.

Elevation is c. 11 meters (35 feet) above sea level.

Materials of construction: wood structure, thatch roof, river stones for base platform, portico, and ramp.

Data for CG model:
1. Corrales, Francisco, y Badill, Adrián, 2017. Sociedades jerárquicas tardías en el delta del Diquís, sureste de Costa Rica, Departamento de Antropología e Historia, Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica


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