Dennis R. Holloway, Architect

Chetro Ketl and Pueblo Bonito, Chaco National Historic Park, New Mexico: Animation of computer model.

This model and animation project began in 1990. Time has passed and 3D softwares and old computer models became obsolete. So in 2009 I completely rebuilt a six square mile of Chaco Canyon's topography from USGS data, and reconstructed the ancient Great Houses, using data from Stephen Lekson's GREAT PUEBLO ARCHITECTURE OF CHACO CANYON, NEW MEXICO, and William N. Morgan's ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE OF THE SOUTHWEST. The animation begins overlooking the Talus Unit and pans back behind Chetro Ketl's north wall. The camera then swings around the Chetro Ketl great house, with a closeup of the central Kiva group, and backs up to the west until Pueblo Bonito appears.

Click here to view Chetro Ketl animation on YouTube.