Shaking Tent, Conjuring Lodge, or Spirit Lodge

Above left: Shaking tent ritual in progress;

Above center: Chippewa shaman, John King, standing near the frame of his shaking tent, Sand Lake,St. Croix Settlements, WI, 1942, photo: Robert E. Ritzenthaler (Milwaukee Public Museum, neg no. 50113);

Above right: Chippewa lodge built near Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba, with canvas top and birch bark walls.

Chippewa (Ojibwa) as well as many Cultures, across the Great Lakes and Canadian Subarctic region, still in use. A lone First Nations and Native American Medicine Man ("shaman") uses this prototypical architecture, with the help of summoned spirits, to cure the sick, to reveal hidden things, while being in a state of ecstacy.

Elevation varies.

Materials: wood or sapling frame, sides covered with skins.

Data for CG model:
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