Unit Type House, San Juan Ancestral Puebloan Culture, Utah.

Hovenweep National Monument, Utah.

Above: A Unit Type House on the canyon rim at Hovenweep National Monument, Colorado.

San Juan Ancestral Puebloan Culture, occupied c. 1175 C.E.until abondonment c. 1300 C.E.; located in Hovenweep [meaning "deserted valley"] National Monument, Utah, near the southern Utah/Colorado border. Small portholes in the stone walls allow shafts of sunlight to strike the opposite wall, acting as a sundial calendar, recording the equinoxes and solstices -- still in use today, ceremonially, by descendant Puebloan people in the region.

Elevation is 1577 meters (5175 feet) above sea level.

Materials: mud-mortared stone walls, wood log roof structure, with mud/clay roof.

Data for CG model:
1. Hovenweep National Monument Park brochure.
2. https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/Education/SolarAstronomy/hovenweep-castle

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    Data for this model from Hovenweep National Monument brochure.
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    Computer model.
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