Atsinna, Zuni Ancestral Puebloan Culture, West Central New Mexico

Located in El Morro National Monument.

Data for this model from William N. Morgan's plan drawing in his Ancient Architecture of the Southwest, University of Texas, Austin, 1994.

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    Computer model looking southwest. Data for this model from ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE OF THE SOUTHWEST, by William N. Morgan, University of Texas Press, Austin, Texas, 1994.
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    Aerial photograph by Paul Logsdon. (See http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Land-Ancestral-Places-Southwest/dp/0890132453)
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    Photomontage of computer model into aerial photograph by Paul Logsdon. (See http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Land-Ancestral-Places-Southwest/dp/0890132453).
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    Computer model looking west.
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    Computer model looking north.
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