Kuaua, Rio Grande Ancestral Puebloan Culture, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Coronado State Monument, Bernalillo, NM

Located in Coronado State Monument.


The Sandia Peak and Bosque del Rio Grande viewed from Kuaua. Photo: Jeannette Wood.

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    Computer model looking west. Data for this model from ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE OF THE SOUTHWEST, by William N. Morgan, University of Texas Press, Austin, Texas, 1994. The village was located on the west side of the Rio Grande across from present-day Bernillio, NM--about 17 miles north of present-day Albuquerque, NM. The place had more than 1200 rooms. Construction was begun in the early fourteenth century. The place was abandoned shortly after the violent arrival of the Spanish in 1540-41. Most of the inhabitants were victims of genocide and Euro-viruses.
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    Computer model looking northwest.
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    Computer model looking east. There is a question about how the buildings stood up to rain and snow, given such large expanse of mud/viga roofing.
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